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Gibraltar Covid 19 Tourism Information

By | 5 June, 2021 | 0 comments

Gibraltar’s safety has always been an important attraction for our visitors. Now more than ever it is important that you feel secure with us, when you decide to return to visit this magnificent destination. Here are the current measures that have been implemented and will be taken, to make you feel safe when you visit.


  • Gibraltar is open to visitors. (Please see below for more information)
    • Tests are not required for arrivals at the land border from green list countries provided you have not been to any other country 10 days prior to arrival in Gibraltar.
    • A free Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test is required for those arriving by air from a green list country and have not been to any other country 10 days prior to arrival in Gibraltar. Book a free test at – (please see below for more information)
    • You must inform authorities if you have travelled to a country or territory in the amber or red list in the 10 days preceding your arrival in Gibraltar.
    • Visitors must have a valid passport / EU ID card ( for further information contact
  • Red list travel restrictions have been updated please see below!
  • Wearing of masks is mandatory in certain enclosed spaces such as retail shops and public transport.
  • The Upper Rock is partially open to traffic and ramblers.

Make sure to fill out your Passenger Locator form before departure. 

All air passengers are required to complete the passenger locator form by visiting:

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